Saturday, 14 January 2012

Having 'fryed' fish for lunch

I just had my lunch. It is the end of the semester, so I cannot afford to buy cooked food anymore. Earlier this morning I bought some vegetables and other things to cook. I end up with this.
yum yum! ^^

My friend was so impressed, he took a picture and upload it on his Facebook page. But when I saw the comments, I was a bit appalled to see one of the comment - " Wow, so luxurious! We only eat rice with fryed fish." I did not know whether it was a typo or not, but the past tense for 'fry' is not 'fryed'. It is 'fried', as in Kentucky Fried Chicken.

So I decided I should touch a bit on the irregular forms of past tense. However, I don't feel like explaining this to you, so I'll just show you a video.
You can also follow this link to watch this video with the transcription.

So from the video, we can see that regular past tense verbs always end with ed, while the irregular past tense verbs need to be studied individually.

Here are some of the words and their past tense.

Verb       Past Simple
arise        arose             
bend        bent               
bind          bound           
choose     chose           
forbid       forbade          
hold          held              
shine        shone            
shake       shook            
tear           tore               
swing        swung           

You can search the web for more examples. Just remember not to add ed to all your verbs to show past tense.^^

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