Thursday, 5 January 2012

Sheep? Sheeps? Sheepes? part II

Since all of you are aware that there are irregular plural forms for certain nouns, I want to ask you a question. If a am married to woman, she would be called as my wife. Her mother would be my mother-in-law. But if I am married to four women, what would my wives' mothers be called as? Mother-in-laws?

Nope. It should be mothers-in-law. Although the whole word 'mother-in-law' itself is a noun, the changes in its plural should only be applied to the first word. This would include 'attorneys-general' and 'teachers-to-be'.

Since a lot have been learned, it is time for the exercise!

For the exercise, you can try this link. Irregular forms You will be able to know your score on the spot. Just ignore the misspelled word 'socre' (it should be score). ^^

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